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Two friends are walking of an evening –
One is blind, the other deaf.
The blind talks about the colours of the rainbow;
The deaf shakes the blind by the shoulders
Exclaiming: “Speak louder, don’t you know I’m deaf…”
Thus is the woe of those who know very little, yet know not that they know little.

Avatar Singh, 1988

"Karma and the parrot-renditioners"

With ignorance as their staff
And scriptures firmly clasped under their arms,
The Parrot-renditioners exhort the scriptures –
Void of depth and essence –
To the masses.

The masses pat themselves
On the back for having heard
The word of God; thus intoxicated,
The masses sit in summary
Judgement on fellow humans.

Avatar Singh, 2005


Any who does not fit the 2.4 family unit to be an example of God’s punishment for unmentionable misdeeds; And therefore fair game for further punishment.

Such is the affliction of women who are childless and then become widows. Such is the treatment of orphans by society too. Until the mid 1960s the West viewed these people with similar disdain; but the plight of these unfortunates is far worse in societies labelled as spiritually advanced.

Unfortunately, the Parrot-renditioners rationalise karma as negative contagious energy. The masses, anxious not to catch the disease of misfortune, mete out punishment to all who do not fit societal norms – be they handicapped, gay, childless widows or orphans.

All this misery because an ideology is not understood by the Parrot-renditioners.

Avatar Singh, 2005 

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